The Many Benefits Of Low Emission Vehicles

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It may surprise you to learn that personal motoring accounts for more than 10% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions. Given the high price of fuel, road tax and the congestion charge to enter the city of London, it seems even more incredible that it is this high. What is the solution? Each of the negative points we've raised already can be addressed by a new type of car – the hybrid. Let's look at how it addresses each point.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gases are those which contribute towards the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect. It is widely accepted that it is this effect which is responsible for global warming and the potentially severe harm to our environment and habitats the world over. A car's measured carbon emissions are an indication therefore of the extent to which a vehicle harms the environment.

The carbon emissions of a hybrid vehicle are over 25% lower than those of a traditional petrol car. Because the engine of a hybrid vehicle is supplemented by an electric motor which runs the car whenever possible, the amount of fuel burned by the engine is far less, meaning the emitted gases are reduced, too. If the UK's car market switched to hybrids, we would see the proportion of greenhouse gases attributed to personal motoring fall to 6% or 7%. If the motoring population went electric, we could see it eliminated completely.

Fuel Cost

The second point we mentioned was the high price of fuel. For many people, paying this high price is considered unavoidable as they cannot use their car any less than they do currently. For those who can't use their vehicle any less, the best they can do to soften the blow of high fuel duties is to increase their fuel efficiency. While there are a number of vehicles on the market designed to be conservative in their fuel usage, none of them hold a torch to the mileage seen per gallon of hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles, therefore, simply cost less to run because they use less fuel than traditional vehicles for the same journeys.

Road Tax and the Congestion Charge

In a bid to see our country's carbon emissions reduced dramatically, the government alleviate taxation on hybrid and electric vehicles wherever possible. This means that the road tax you pay on a hybrid or electric vehicle will be very low, if you pay any at all.

Vehicles emitting less than 100g of CO2 per kilometre are exempt from paying the London congestion charge. All hybrid vehicles qualify for this exemption. This is a message from the government urging road users to be responsible with their car use. When it's necessary to drive, ensure that the car you drive does as little damage as possible.

New eco cars appear an all round good investment when we consider the above points in conjunction with one another. Efficient family cars are a great way to reduce cost on long distance journeys and a higher efficient petrol model is suitable for short journeys and occasional long journeys. They massively reduce the harm we are doing to the planet in our everyday motoring life and they do so whilst saving us money.



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